By Vottari Eau De Bonbon


A sweet fragrance to take you on a journey in time. The smell of your favourite candy shop you couldn't wait to visit, fairy floss at Luna Park, fresh waffle cones with your favourite icecream….  

Eau de Bonbon is a veritable story, the voice of nostalgic things told and explained in scent, in notes and impressions.  A score based on the emotions of each memory, captivating music of the senses. 

For me, this is running across the road to the candy shop after school where I could never decide what to choose.  I may never be able to go back to those days, but I created this scent to keep my childhood memories close to me while being so far away from home and the streets I grew up in.

Essential Oil Fragrance Notes


Raspberry, Orange, Bergamot


Strawberry, Fairy Floss, Sheer Jasmine


Vanilla Orchid, Styrax

We use Certified Organic & Fair Trade Sugar Cane to make our natural Fragrances.