By Vottari La Fraicheur


 How can a fragrance evoke the smell of all seasons at once?  Rain on pine trees in the forest, the freshness of the first lemons of spring, and those lazy summer days.  We don’t know either? But with the sunshine and the bursts of leaves on the trees, I had that sensation that life was beginning over again… To lie on the grass on a summer’s day listening to the murmur of water, or watch the clouds float across the sky while your favourite song is playing, where you can smell the sea when you close your eyes and feel the sky. 

I wondered if those seasons could always live inside of us or if I could create a scent that brings it all together.. Those are the seasons of La Fraícheur.

Essential Oil Fragrance Notes


Pineapple, Lemon, Bergamot


Larch, Patchouli, Clematis vine


Sandalwood, Cedar 

We use Certified Organic & Fair Trade Sugar Cane to make our natural Fragrances.